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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2014|08:10 am]
Sugar Sugar
Never let them see you cry.
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Nerd Cocktails [Jan. 6th, 2012|02:00 am]
Sugar Sugar
The Portal Two (Portal 2 Cocktails)

Blue Curacao
Small tumblers

Directions: “This drink is, of course, designed to resemble the two coloured portals from the excellent sci-fi puzzle game. For the blue version, get a small tumbler and pour in 10ml of Blue Curacao, 10ml of vodka and top up with lemonade. For orange you’ll need another tumbler, this time filled with 10ml of Cointreau, 10ml of rum and Orangina. If you fancy, you can jazz the glasses up with coloured sugar rims. Simply pour some sugar into a sandwich bag with the relevant food colouring, shake them up, pour the resulting mix into a dish and dip your tumbler in.

Sonic Screwdriver

1 1/2 oz vanilla vodka
Half-fill a clear 12 oz. glass with ice. Pour 1.5 oz Vanilla Vodka, 1.5 oz Blue Curacao, and 6 oz. CLEAR lemon/lime soda over the ice. Stir lightly, and Enjoy!

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(no subject) [Nov. 19th, 2010|10:32 am]
Sugar Sugar
I thought the future held
a perfect place for us
That together we would learn to be
the best that we could be
In my naivity I ran
I fell and lost my way
Somehow I always end up falling over me

And one day
I woke to find
The future had no place
for me
I was unwanted in a world
that with my hands I helped build
Where once was honesty and pride
I now stand broken and alone
Just a shadow
of what I was meant to be

They say that "Time will heal"
"The truth shall set us free"
Well that depends
on what it is
that you choose to believe
In this prison made of lies
We see what it is we want to see
And find comfort in this
broken hall of dreams

Does anybody feel
the way I do?
Is there anybody out there?
Are you hearing me?

I believe in you
Will you believe in me?
Or am I alone
in this hall of dreams?

I believe in you
You believe in me
But I have no trust
in anything
Somehow I'm always
always falling over me

Somehow I'm always
I'm always falling over me
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2010|01:23 am]
Sugar Sugar
It's pretty fucking sad when even the misfits, freaks and social outcasts don't want/like you.
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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2010|02:44 am]
Sugar Sugar
I feel like being honest for once, so I will.

Things have been weird for me lately. I'm till couchsurfing at my mother's (please, for the love of God, kill me now.) At first, everything was okay, but now..she is going back into her old habits. She is still mothering me. I am twenty-three. I don't need to be mothered. I don't want or need you to tell me when to get up or go to bed. I shouldn't be getting a phone call everytime I don't come directly home from work. I miss having my independence. I miss being able to leave the house whenever I want, without having to leave a note or tell someone where I'm going. I wanted to be single because I didn't want to be beholden to anyone, but I feel like I am here. She gave me the option of paying more money in rent so that I wouldn't have to take care of anything except my own shit. I am seriously considering taking that deal, because I am not a fucking maid, and I should not have to be cleaning up after anyone but myself.

I am so strapped for money, I am almost having panic attacks. I think of the massive amount of money I need just to get out of here, and I start hyperventilating and usually bring myself to tears. I'm so stressed. I'm so scared. I hate being here, and I'm so miserable. I'm working almost forty hours a week, but I'm not making enough. At all. I would turn to dealing, if I could. I am desperate.

And then there's the lonlieness.
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(no subject) [Sep. 30th, 2010|03:19 pm]
Sugar Sugar

Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Explorer

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(no subject) [Sep. 30th, 2010|03:26 am]
Sugar Sugar
TyjiFeku 3:10 am (3:10:59 AM): I have drunk the wine, as she says, and closed my eyes to the bitter tang of poison on my tongue. Because it was easier. Because it didn't hurt as much. Love hardened into indifference and care into duty, and I just kept taking that cup, knowing full well what was in it, but not willing to spill a precious drop.
TyjiFeku 3:13 am (3:13:31 AM): The illusion is shattered, I am freed, and I will never fall under that spell again. But, it comes at a price. Yes, I have cut the poison away, but I am terribly lonely for it.
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2010|02:13 pm]
Sugar Sugar

Drink the wine my darling, you said
Take your time and consume all of it
But the roses were only to drain my inspiration
The promises were spoiled before they left your lips and

I breathe you in again
Just to feel you underneath my skin
Holding onto the sweet escape
Is always laced with a familiar taste of poison

I tell myself that you're are no good for me
I wish you well but desire never leaves
I could fight this to the end
But maybe I don't wanna win

I breathe you in again
Just to feel you underneath my skin
Holding onto the sweet escape
Is always laced with a familiar taste of poison

I don't wanna be saved, I don't wanna be sober
I want you on my mind, in my dreams
Behind these eyes that I wanna wake up
No, not this time

I breathe you in again
Just to feel you underneath my skin
Holding onto the sweet escape
Is always laced with a familiar taste of poison
A familiar taste of poison, a familiar taste of poison

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WOOT WOOT [Sep. 4th, 2010|04:19 am]
Sugar Sugar
[Current Mood |pleasedpleased]

Yo, bitches. I resurrected my old writing LJ, cyber_rotic . Check it oouuuuttttt~


Yeah. Those of you who like weird writing shit, check it out. I'll be putting up some of my old backstories and such as soon as I can access them, and notes about Vampire and etc., etc.

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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2010|12:31 am]
Sugar Sugar
[Current Mood |rejectedrejected]

You said I was your everything,
You said I was the one,
You played me like a radio,
You use to love that I had no shame.

Pour my pain into words,
Hold my hand to the flame.

Tell me you'll love me like a star
Tell me you'll want me wherever you are,
Tell me you'll breathe me until your last breath.
Liar, Liar, oh, Liar, Liar.

Bit by bit I feel the draft,
Just sit back and watch it burn,
Hold your eyes up to my veins,
Call out, call out my name

Tell me you'll love me like a star,
Tell me you'll want me wherever you are,
Tell me you'll breathe me until your last breath.
Liar, Liar,

He made realise yesterday just how much I have been repressing my emotions about this breakup. Just repressing emotions in general. I can't stop moving forward, even for a second, or I will shatter into a thousand pieces.

I feel betrayed, and I'm still grieving, and harbouring more than a little bitterness.
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